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My latest plugin will require some core file changes which I will propose for Monstra, but for the time being I will have the plugin auto replace and backup the old ones, which I think is the best solution or would manually changing be better?

As I have been adjusting the Uri class I thought I'd make the site multi language aware as I have seen this requested in other posts. This means that urls like www.mysite.com/ru/blog will give the Russian version if you are using I18n. If using this feature you will need to adjust links to carry over the lang preference, I have created the function Site::langUrl that outputs if set and nothing if not so links can be easily changed e.g:
Site::url . DS . Site::langUrl . rest-of-path Note that a trailing slash will be automatically added if needed allowing for a none value.
The language preference is stored in a cookie, so will be active on next visit also.
Changing language is as simple as www.mysite.com/en (note that this is frontend only)

Re-routing/ mapping, will over-ride any command arg and redirect. i.e the first /arg after the url
You will be able to do things such as:
www.mysite.com/shortlink -> www.mysite.com/blog/1/any/other/args/you/like
www.mysite.com/news -> www.mysite.com/blog
This will allow you to maintain eternal links when you site structure changes and allow for short linking as well.

Hope that all sounds good. Let me know if anyone has suggestions as I progress.

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Hi @raipergm34

Not sure if you got this sorted or not?
My gallery plugin http://www.mightyhaggis.com/simple-gallery has a working lightbox example, you don't need to use the plugin but it might give you some direction on getting a lightbox working.


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@wormsuniteds plugin as detailed will work via registered site users, which is what you are looking for. Your code snippet also suggests that you want to allow anonymous posted comments... Spamming would likley be an issue as would site security, maybe Captcha would help but that will depend of the plugin features.


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big_smile Great that it is proving useful.


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Great feature, thanks smile

I think expanding on this to include frontend page editing would make Monstra even more awesome.
So I plan on giving it a go in a new plugin.


As @wormsunited said, nice work. The site looks clean and usable.
I'm curious what "hacks" you needed to employ too manage such a large site?


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Although a basic comment plugin would not be too complicated to make, there would be other things to consider such as spamming, authorisation, profanity filters etc.....

There are 3rd party comment engines that are very easy to include on your site and do exactly what you are wanting such as https://disqus.com/websites/ many high profile sites use disqus.com


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See top post.


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Plugin will be available on Saturday morning GMT


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Sounds good, PM sent


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Agreed. My intent was / is to see what people are wanting so that contributors can action or at least there is some direction for Awilum and team when things are "officially" moving again.

I've got lots of plugins / Monstra tweaks in my someday planner not least of which is a reworking of pages so that there are specify content areas that can be modified inline by an editor rather than whole page editing, removing potential of template damage, keeping things harmonious and stopping editors going crazy... after all it often just a bit of text or image that needs changed.

But I think I'll make some core tweaks including plugin settings and logins first.
After that i'd quite like Routing so that a path can be re-routed/ tinyurl-ed

I've also been thinking about a new theme something along the lines of:
http://bootflat.github.io/documentation.html or http://fezvrasta.github.io/bootstrap-material-design/


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Yes working in Monstra 3.0.1 I'm finishing off and tidying up the code, time is my issue at the moment.
Its taken a fair amount of effort and iterations to get to this point (have a few tweaks planned for later), not to mention figuring out Monstra, so I appreciate you comments smile

In order to use the plugin an Admin with a google account that has access rights to the sites analytics needs to enable the analytics API in their developer's account and setup OAuth credentials. Essentially they then grant Monstra Dashboard access rights to the stats.
The output is cached to keep things fast as there are lots of API calls, this is not real-time stats anyway.

Once installed the plugin auto calls itself via the admin_pre_template function and outputs its data under the quick links on the dashboard frontpage via admin_post_template function so the template needs to be unmodified from Monstra standard or at least have the admin_post_template output call.

I've coded the settings modal with the intent of implementing similar in the Plugin settings feature i've mentioned before.


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Avaray wrote:

My dream that probably will never come true is Steam OpenID Login.

Using Google OAuth recently for a plugin I have though about using it for login / account creation.


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Ok... So, although I have been using this plugin in some form for a while I have made some major changes over the last few days and there may be a bug or 2 that I have not ironed out. I promised it today though so here it is please treat as Beta.

I've not had time to write a site update...

You will need:

  • Analytics operational on your site for stats

  • A google account that has permission to access the stats

  • Your account to be setup as a google developer

  • In your developer account the analytics api activated

  • OAuth credentials setup

  • The View ID from analytics. Located under the Admin tab > Account / property / View > View settings. prefix the number with ga:

Settings in the plugin provides details along with the oauth callback path (Redirect URIs) that you need to set in OAuth credentials.

Note that the plugin can't be run locally unless you have SSL setup as google oauth needs a secure link and make sure that any adblockers are turned off / whitelist you site as they stop the google apis loading

Let me know what you think smile


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As much as I am enjoying working with Monstra there is no apparent movement on the project itself.
I'm sure most have seen the twitter post: https://twitter.com/monstra_cms/status/ … 9970674688
I hope that Awilum will return in the not too distant future and guide the project on.

In the mean time I am curious what people are wanting?

  • I have seen mention of the login script and think this could be updated to use your email address as well as a case insensitive user name.

  • Multi level menus has been mentioned

  • Block/ snippet groups/ folders

  • Settings in plugins

  • File manager improvement such as thumbnails, sorting


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Nice tweak, have you logged this as a new issue in Github for Monstra? https://github.com/Awilum/monstra-cms/issues

Regarding disabling version checking, have you tried adjusting the: define('CHECK_MONSTRA_VERSION', true); in the defines.php to FALSE?



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Again I say thanks big_smile


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Many thanks @stradfred,

Guess that answers my question... and saves me some time big_smile


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Has anyone looked at editor.froala.com as an editor for Monstra?

Looks feature rich with a good design.
License is free for Personal or Non profit and reasonable for commercial.

I'm more interested in the inline editing aspect myself, just wondered if anybody has experience?


20 2015-02-17 11:39:36

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Thanks @RomanArt

I'm very much enjoying Monstra with its extensibility.
A excellent CMS and framework have been created in Monstra & Gelato, quite similar in style to CodeIgniter v2 that I spent a fair amount of time developing/ dabbling with.

Next plugin will be analytics and maybe a different site template for me.
I've also been thinking about some adjustments to the Monstra core/ plugins: upgraded file manager to show thumbnails & sorting, categories in blocks and settings in the plugin section. So plenty to keep me busy smile


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This plugin creates an alert bar that sticks to the top or bottom of the browser.
I made it primarily for use with EU cookie law compliance, but added in attributes and settings that will adapt it to other uses.

The plugin uses a snippet or block to create the alert bar and other content such as a bootstrap modal. Color of the alert bar is controllable via the plugin call as is the location for easy adjustment and a number of other settings, a cookie is used to control re-appearance of the alert bar upon page re-loads / re-visits

Demos and instruction on use are online at: http://www.mightyhaggis.com/alert-bar
Plugin: https://github.com/mightyhaggis/alert-bar


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Everybody is different when it comes to coding as is their setup. Windows / linux, local and online.
With monstra I found that I was coding online rather than locally which on my broadband is painful.

Using Windows I have since changed this with the help of windows host files and an excellent little program called https://hostsfileeditor.codeplex.com this allows you to easily re-route web addresses from your system to your local environment. e.g. www.test.com  -> and turn this off and on with the click of a button. Tie this together with virtual hosts and you have a pretty flexible system for developing.

As a side note I have been a fan of Zend for a while and find Zend Server with Z-Ray and the in-sight into what's happening valuable. They have licenses for studio & server for little to nothing if you are using for education / contributing to opensource, maybe worth a look..

Anyway in case you didn't already know about this, I wanted to share my excitement over host files and hopefully save somebody else the trouble of figuring it out .


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And depending on what you are tying to achieve..
If its the frontend you might want to look at using Bootstrap's responsive grid system so that it automatically reflows/ hides & shows depending on screen size.



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I have been giving some thought to settings/ options within plugins.

Some plugins have backends that control these options others do not.
Yes settings can be designed to be adjustable via shortcode variables, but I wonder if it would be advantageous to have a setup button in the Plugin Section for plugins wanting this ability i.e buttons: [info] [setup] [unistall]. This could be controlled and offered by the presence of a setup script in the install folder much like the install & uninstall scripts now. Clicking on the button would open a modal that loads and executes the script changing the options as required. This would also help keep the admin console clean as there would be no need for additions just to control settings.
Before I look at adjusting the Monstra core I was wondering what others thought... am I missing something?



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It was designed for Monstra and uses both Monstra and Gelato libraries along with custom functions. I can't say that I've looked into Morfy much, so it would depending on the classes / libraries that are part of Morfy. If the libraries are missing the relevant functions could in theory be ported to the plugin directly...