Topic: Lightbox plugin request


Is here any working lightbox plugin? I tried lot of websolutions but no succes with that...

Re: Lightbox plugin request

Hi @raipergm34

Not sure if you got this sorted or not?
My gallery plugin has a working lightbox example, you don't need to use the plugin but it might give you some direction on getting a lightbox working.

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Re: Lightbox plugin request

I use a slightly modified version of a fancybox I found here,
Mine allows for having several galleries on the same page. My galleries page where I use this plugin can be seen here, (I'm in the process of moving my site from Wordpress to Monstra). Check the source of my galleries page how I'm using this plugin.

You can download the plugin  from here, The original files have a " copy" in their file names. In the lib folder there's a settings file and here's the link to the Fancybox site,

Hope this helps!