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Topic: GO GO comments

This is not a plugin, and the idea to create!

The idea is taken from the Star Rating plugin, simply insert the code to any page, and it displays the form of comments,
when writing the first to comment create a table with the name of the page.

I php very bad, but I think this plugin will be useful for everyone!


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Although a basic comment plugin would not be too complicated to make, there would be other things to consider such as spamming, authorisation, profanity filters etc.....

There are 3rd party comment engines that are very easy to include on your site and do exactly what you are wanting such as https://disqus.com/websites/ many high profile sites use disqus.com

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@will, @HiS,

I am creating a plugin for monstra 3.0.1 that registred users can comment on posts via javascript... I hope to have it soon but its only available on registred users because as will said spam etc etc.
Its the best way i can see that we can protect the cms against this kind of problems.


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Re: GO GO comments

The idea is that the user has not filled the data! Create a plug-in!)

<?php if (Session::get('user_id')) { ?>
I user =)
<input type="hidden"  value="<?php echo Session::get('user_login'); ?>" />
<input type="hidden" value="<?php echo Session::get('user_email'); ?>" />
<textarea type="text" ></textarea>
<?php } else { ?>
I not user =(
<input type="text"   />
<input type="text" />
<textarea type="text" id="menssage"></textarea>

Re: GO GO comments

@wormsuniteds plugin as detailed will work via registered site users, which is what you are looking for. Your code snippet also suggests that you want to allow anonymous posted comments... Spamming would likley be an issue as would site security, maybe Captcha would help but that will depend of the plugin features.

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