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Topic: Alert Bar

This plugin creates an alert bar that sticks to the top or bottom of the browser.
I made it primarily for use with EU cookie law compliance, but added in attributes and settings that will adapt it to other uses.

The plugin uses a snippet or block to create the alert bar and other content such as a bootstrap modal. Color of the alert bar is controllable via the plugin call as is the location for easy adjustment and a number of other settings, a cookie is used to control re-appearance of the alert bar upon page re-loads / re-visits

Demos and instruction on use are online at: http://www.mightyhaggis.com/blog/alert-bar
Plugin: https://github.com/mightyhaggis/alert-bar

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Re: Alert Bar

that's a nice plugin and well done, thanks to you!

(с) Roman Art
So far So good wink

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Re: Alert Bar

Thanks @RomanArt

I'm very much enjoying Monstra with its extensibility.
A excellent CMS and framework have been created in Monstra & Gelato, quite similar in style to CodeIgniter v2 that I spent a fair amount of time developing/ dabbling with.

Next plugin will be analytics and maybe a different site template for me.
I've also been thinking about some adjustments to the Monstra core/ plugins: upgraded file manager to show thumbnails & sorting, categories in blocks and settings in the plugin section. So plenty to keep me busy smile

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Re: Alert Bar


that is just perfect mate, well done! wink

http://monstracreative.com - themes, plugins and snippets for monstra cms

Need help? Login at your account at: http://monstracreative.com/users/login. -> You have a excellent support center at our website! wink

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