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I found Monstra after days of experimenting and trying different CMS's. I found a lot of the current CMS's out there too messy or are out of budget being the poor student that I am. I recently worked for a web development company for a few months using Business Catalyst. I like Monstra because of the templating system similar to Business Catalyst as well as the simplicity and ease of use. It seems perfect to start a freelancing career throughout the remainder of my university studies.

I do have one concern about the CMS,

  • Why is xml and file storage used? Security and efficiency wise, is it possible to store and retrieve data from Monstra in a mySQL database? I've had zero experience with PHP, but am familiar with J2EE. Would it be recommended to attempt to alter this or will it be implemented in the near future?

I love the simplicity of Monstra and am looking forward to using it as a base to my freelance web development.

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Arvixe, I'm using shared hosting for personal use, for $15 a month, I get unlimited everything, free domain name and a private tomcat server for my java web development. Only trouble is, it's an American hosting company, and it's shared hosting (they do have private hosting plans), it ends up being pretty slow across the globe here in Australia..