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This theme needs working on it's textboxes and text areas.


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I was wondering if the Maintenance Mode Setting supports the use of php codes?

If so how? Because i've tried using:




Please help


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This theme's real name is blackpolish

found here:

just found it thought i'd let you know where it was adapted from.


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link updated


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Sorry to bother you but how do i remove this plugin?

Do i just have to delete the plugin folder and the nkf-theme folder?

(because i spotted some bugs which showed that it was still in beta development stage ->there was an "example" drop down menu(you should probably remove that in your next update by deleting it from the header theme template.) and add an edit block text section to edit the text on specific blocks that have been added on by the template.)

But i think this is coming along nicely!


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Sorry if i posted in the wrong catergory but...

If you are using any of the bootswatch themes provided by Awilum:

Journal Theme
Amelia Theme
Cerulean Theme
Superhero Theme
Readable Theme

You can add a theme changer by:

Adding a new menu item (via your monstra admin panel) and name it something like "Theme Changer" or "Change Theme"

then for the url box just put this code in:



Just copy this link's location!

and save it, Your done!

Nothing else to it, just simply go on your site and click that new menu item.


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I want to suggest that a search bar could be added in the menu bar in the new monstra and can be enabled and disabled through admin panel, it could be useful.

Just an idea...


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Also i liked the fact that there is an admin theme and a forntend website theme!


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Installed the new version here: http://www.playdasher.tk/monstranew/

Everything is working fine so far.

Like the new default theme especially the new static header bar!
The theme editor actually saved the theme file.(didn't work before on version 1.3.1 might just be me doing something wrong.)


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Where do i unzipp this theme to?
Do i just put it in the theme folder as usual or do i have to put it in another folder for admin backend themes?


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This doesn't work in monstra 1.3.1 for some reason.


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ok i'll fix it.


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Ok Thank You!

15 2012-08-12 15:15:04

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The steps to update on the documentation page:http://monstra.org/documentation/installation

Steps to Update

    Download the latest version.
    Unzip the contents to a new folder on your local computer.
    Upload /admin/, /monstra/, /plugins/ and /index.php with an FTP client to your host.
    You may also need to recursively CHMOD the folder /storage/, /tmp/, /backups/ and /public/
    to 755(or 777) if your host doesn't set it implicitly.
    Type http://site-url/install.php in the browser.

Is it wrong? Do i just have to upload admin, monstra and plugins and leave it.


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I tried updating monstra but when i uploaded the folders: admin, monstra and plugins and i run install the install page is blank except from the two language links: en|ru and the monstra title image


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Thank You!


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A plugin which lets you create show/hide spoilers with customizable button text.

The Button:

The Button Clicked:


{spoiler content="Spoiler text content includes html!"}
{spoiler button="Show/Hide Button Text" content="Spoiler text content includes html!"}