Hello Everyone :) I have been working on Monstra CMS 2.2.0 very long and I am happy to introduce Monstra CMS 2.2.0 :)
It has a lot of improvements and several fixes for known issues.

Here is a list of major changes:

  • Mobile Ready! Monstra fully responsive for mobile devices, tablets, and normal computer screens.
  • Improved Monstra Architecture!
  • New Stand-alone Monstra Library (Gelato) was created! Totally improved old classes and added new classes!
  • Monstra Library with new useful classes - ClassLoader, ErrorHandler, Log, MinifyJS, MinifyCSS, MinifyHTML, Token, Registry.
  • Adopted PSR-0 PSR-1 PSR-2
  • Localization: Farsi(fa), Magyar(hu), Français(fr), Spanish(es), Serbian(sr-yu), Slovakian(sk) translations added.
    Thanks to Abdulhalim, Lez, Neri, Mapadesign, Hugomano and Nakome.
  • Idiorm Updated to 1.3.0
  • jQuery Updated to 1.9.1
  • Twitter Bootstrap Updated to 2.3.1
  • Default Theme: Social Meta Tags - added.
  • Default Theme: Hook "theme_meta" - added.
  • Admin Default Theme: Added missing meta tags.
  • Improve Installer Usability. Flags Added.
  • Default Site Email added.
  • PHPMailer added.
  • Pages Manager: added ability to quickly update page status and page access.
  • Intstaller Layout: Added missing meta tags.
  • Filesmanager plugin: added ability to view images.
  • Filesmanager Plugin: forbidden types array - updated.
  • CSRF detection text - updated.
  • Engine Uri: code improvements.
  • XMLDB: Table Class - fixed select method. Thanks to DmitriyMX
  • Bootstrap CSS: Icons url - fixed.
  • Plugins Manager: buttons confirm dialog message - fixed.
  • Pages Manager: page cloning problem - fixed.
  • Localizations: translations fixes.

Update from Monstra 2.1.3 to Monstra 2.2.0

  1. Download monstra-2-2-0.zip
  2. Unzip the contents to a new folder on your local computer.
  3. Upload /engine/, /plugins/, /admin/, /libraries/, /public/assets/, /index.php with an FTP client to your host and remove /monstra/ directory.
  4. Download update_to_monstra_2_2_0.zip
  5. Unzip the contents of update_to_monstra_2_2_0.zip and upload update_to_monstra_2_2_0.php with an FTP client to your host.
  6. Type http://example.org/update_to_monstra_2_2_0.php in the browser.

Special thanks to: Abdulhalim, Lez, Neri, Mapadesign, Hugomano, DmitriyMX and Nakome