I have been working on Monstra CMS 2.1.0 and I am happy to introduce Monstra CMS 2.1.0 Beta :)

Here is a list of major changes:

  • Localization: PT-BR, UK translations added.
  • Default theme: hook "theme_header" added.
  • System Plugin: new action "admin_system_extra_index_template_actions" added.
  • Shortcodes API: new delete() clear() exists() methods added.
    // Check if a shortcode has been registered.
    if (Shortcode::exists('shortcode_name')) {
        // do something...
    // Delete shortcode
    // Remove all registered shortcodes.
  • Options API: new exists() method added.
    if (Option::exists('pages_limit')) {
        // do something...        
  • Core: new constant VERSION - added.
        const VERSION = '2.1.0';
  • Core: added ability to load: defines, actions, filters, shortcodes for current environment.
      ├── development/
      │   ├── defines.php
      └── production/
          └── defines.php
  • Box Plugins: used Core::VERSION to compare Monstra CMS version.
  • Installer: use version_compare() function to compare php versions.
  • Installer: Get system timezone with date_default_timezone_get() function.
  • Admin Default Theme: general improvements.
  • Users Plugin: user profile editing fixed.
  • Shortcodes API: bug with similar shortcode names fixed.
  • Site: template() method improvements. Added ability to get template from specific theme.
  • Menu Plugin: added ability to select children pages.
  • Snippets Plugin: added ability to add parameters for snippets.
    // PHP Code
    Snippet::get('test', array('message' => 'Hello World'));
    // Shortcode
    {snippet get="snippetname" message="Hello World"}
  • Themes Plugin: added ability to add parameters for chunks.
    // PHP Code
    Chunk::get('footer', array('message' => 'Hello World'));
  • Pages Plugin: pages expand/collapse feature added.
  • Pages Plugin: pages "access" feature added.
  • Pages Plugin: tab "seo" changed to "metadata"
  • Pages Table: "expand, "access" fields added.
  • Information Plugin: new "Directory Permissions" tab added.
  • Twitter Bootstrap updated to Version 2.2.1
  • MarkitUp! updated to Version 1.1.13
  • Sitemap Plugin: links title issue fixed.
  • Core: Init Site module on frontend only.
  • Core: IDIORM optimization.
  • Site Class: code optimization.
  • Sitemap Plugin: bug with priority fixed.
  • File .gitignore added.
  • Monstra logo updated.
  • README: general updates
  • Pages Plugin: "delete" action fixes.
  • Plugins Manager: add ability to Cleanup minify with new plugin installation or plugin uninstallation.
  • MarkitUp Plugin: unnecessary files removed.
  • XMLDB: select() method fixes.
  • XMLDB: new method existsField() added.
    if ($users->existsField('field_name')) {
        // do something...     
  • Information Plugin: shows "PHP Built On", "Web Server", "WebServer to PHP Interface" information.
  • Installer: general fixes.
  • Snippets Plugin: view embed codes feature added.
  • Blocks Plugin: view embed codes feature added.
  • Text Helper: method strpSlashes() fixed.
  • Text Helper: new method increment() added.
    // Add's _1 to a string or increment the ending number to allow _2, _3, etc
    $str = Text::increment($str);
  • Pages Plugin: method robots() fixes.
  • Pages Plugin: improved page author detection.
  • Pages Plugin: add, edit, delete, clone actions improvements.
  • Users Plugin: apply "content" filter for "about_me" field.
  • Plugin API: Stylesheet and Javascript load() methods - fixed.
  • Pages Plugin: Page editing date issue - fixed.
  • Localization: EN, RU, IT, LT, DE translations fixed.
  • Imformation Plugin: config file(defines.php) checking removed.
  • Box Plugins: general code refactoring.

Download: monstra-2-1-0-beta.zip

Report any bugs you find via GitHub or Monstra Forum.

Remember, this is a beta release for beta testing, is not considered stable and should not be used for live web sites.